Species by Continent
Key to ID of U.S. Species
Alexander's -- alexanderi
Black-horned -- nigricornis
Broad-winged -- latipennis
Davis' -- exclamationis
Different-horned -- varicornis
Fast-calling -- celerinictus
Forbes' -- forbesi
4-spotted - quadripuinctatus
Narrow-winged -- niveus
Pine -- pini
Prairie -- argentinus
Riley's -- rileyi
Snowy -- fultoni
Tamarack -- laricis
Texas -- texensis
Thin-lined -- leptogrammus
Walker's -- walkeri
Western -- californicus
Oecanthus major
Two-spotted - N. bipunctata
Allard's (tropical)
Nicaraguan Oecanthus x3
Nicaragua Neoxabea x2
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(Note:  Distribution maps reflect documented specimens only.
Range expansion in North America is evident by photos
submitted to BugGuide.net.)

Family Gryllidae Laicharting, 1781 
Subfamily Oecanthinae Blanchard, 1845 
tribe Oecanthini Blanchard, 1845

Oecanthus adyeri Otte & Alexander, 1983 (Oceania)
Oecanthus alexanderi Walker, 2010 (North America)
Oecanthus allardi Walker & Gurney, 1960 (W. Indies, Central Am.)
Oecanthus angustus Chopard, 1925 (Oceania)
Oecanthus antennalis Liu, Yin & Xia, 1994 (China)
Oecanthus argentinus Saussure, 1874 (North and South America)
Oecanthus bakeri Collins & van den Berghe, 2014 (Central Am.)
Oecanthus belti Collins & van den Berghe, 2014 (Central America)
Oecanthus bilineatus Chopard & Chatterjee, 1937 (India)
Oecanthus brevicauda Saussure, 1878 (Africa)
Oecanthus burmeisteri Saussure, 1877 (Africa)
Oecanthus californicus Saussure, 1874 (North America)
Oecanthus capensis Saussure, 1877 (Africa)
Oecanthus celerinictus Walker, 1963 (North America)
Oecanthus chopardi Uvarov, 1957 (Socotra Island)
Oecanthus comma Walker, 1967 (Mexico)
Oecanthus comptulus Karsch, 1893 (Africa)
Oecanthus decorsei Chopard, 1932 (Africa)
Oecanthus dissimilis Toms & Otte, 1988 (Africa)
Oecanthus dulcisonans Gorochov, 1993 (Europe, Africa, Asia)
Oecanthus euryelytra Ichikawa, 2001 (Japan, Korea)
Oecanthus exclamationis Davis, 1907 (North America)
Oecanthus filiger Walker, 1871 (Africa)
Oecanthus forbesi Titus, 1903 (North America)
Oecanthus fultoni Walker, 1962 (North America)
Oecanthus galpini Toms & Otte, 1988 (Africa)
Oecanthus henryi Chopard, 1936 (Sri Lanka)
Oecanthus immaculatus Bruner, 1906 (South America)
Oecanthus indicus Saussure, 1878 (Asia)
Oecanthus jamaicensis Walker, 1969 (Jamaica)
Oecanthus karschi Chopard, 1932 (Africa)
Oecanthus laricis Walker, 1963 (North America)
Oecanthus latipennis Liu, Yin & Xia, 1994 [temporary name]
Oecanthus latipennis Riley, 1881 (North America)
Oecanthus leptogrammus Walker, 1962 (North America)
Oecanthus lineolatus Saussure, 1897 (South America)
Oecanthus longicauda Matsumura, 1904 (Asia)
Oecanthus macer Karsch, 1893 (Africa)
Oecanthus major Walker, 1967 (Mexico)
Oecanthus minutus Saussure, 1877 (South America)
Oecanthus nanus Walker, 1967 (South America)
Oecanthus neofiliger Toms & Otte, 1988 (Africa)
Oecanthus neosimilis Toms & Otte, 1988 (Africa)
Oecanthus nigricornis Walker, 1869 (North America)
Oecanthus niveus (De Geer, 1773) (North America)
Oecanthus pallidus Zefa, 2012 (South America)
Oecanthus pellucens (Scopoli, 1763)  (Europe, Africa, Asia)
Oecanthus peruvianus Walker, 1869 (South America)
Oecanthus pictipes Rehn, 1917 (South America)
Oecanthus pictus Milach & Zefa, 2015 (South America)
Oecanthus pini Beutenmüller, 1894 (North America)
Oecanthus prolatus Walker, 1967 (South America)
Oecanthus pseudosimilis Otte, 1988 (Africa)
Oecanthus quadripunctatus Beutenmüller, 1894 (North America)
Oecanthus rectinervis Chopard, 1932 (Africa)
Oecanthus rileyi Baker, 1905 (North America)
Oecanthus rufescens Serville, 1838 (Asia, Oceania)
Oecanthus rufopictus Chopard, 1932 (Africa)
Oecanthus similator Ichikawa, 2001 (Japan)
Oecanthus similis Chopard, 1932 (Africa)
Oecanthus sinensis Walker, 1869 (Asia)
Oecanthus socians Otte, 1988 (Africa)
Oecanthus sycomorus Toms & Otte, 1988 (Africa)
Oecanthus symesi Collins & van den Berghe, 2014 (Central Am.)
Oecanthus tenuis Walker, 1869 (South America)
Oecanthus texensis Symes & Collins, 2013 (North America)
Oecanthus turanicus Uvarov, 1912 (Asia)
Oecanthus varicornis Walker, 1869 (North America)
Oecanthus valensis Milach & Zefa, 2016 (South America)
Oecanthus walkeri Collins & Symes, 2012 (North America)
Oecanthus zhengi Xie, 2003 (China)

Neoxabea astales Walker, 1967 (South America)
Neoxabea bipunctata (De Geer, 1773) (North America)
Neoxabea brevipes Rehn, 1913 (South America)
Neoxabea cerrojesusensis Collins & van denBerghe, 2014 (North America)
Neoxabea enodis Walker, 1967 (South America)
Neoxabea femorata Walker, 1967 (South America)
Neoxabea formosa (Walker, 1869) (North America)
Neoxabea lepta Walker, 1967 (South America)
Neoxabea meridionalis Bruner, 1916 (South America)
Neoxabea obscurifrons Bruner, 1916 (South America)
Neoxabea ottei Collins & van den Berghe, 2014 (North America)
Neoxabea quadrula Walker, 1967 (South America)
Neoxabea trinodosa Hebard, 1928 (South America)

Xabea atalaia Otte & Alexander, 1983 (Oceania)
Xabea decora Walker, 1869 (Asia)
Xabea elderra Otte & Alexander, 1983 (Oceania)
Xabea furcata Chopard, 1927 (Asia)
 Xabea inermis Chopard, 1930  (Asia)
Xabea latipennis Chopard, 1969 (Asia)
Xabea leai Chopard, 1951  (Oceania)
Xabea levissima Gorochov, 1992 (Asia)
Xabea maculata Chopard, 1930  (Asia)
Xabea podoscirtoides Chopard, 1951 (Oceania)
Xabea recticercis Chopard, 1969 (Asia)
Xabea tumbarumba Otte & Alexander, 1983 (Oceania)
Xabea wyebo Otte & Alexander, 1983 (Oceania)
Xabea zonata Chopard, 1969 (Asia)

Paraphasius lepturoides Chopard, 1927 (Africa)

Oecanthodes anomala Toms & Otte, 1988 (Africa)

Viphyus bifasciatus (Chopard, 1968) (Africa)
Viphyus livingstonei Otte, 1988 (Africa)
Viphyus victorinoxi Otte, 1988 (Africa)

Prognathogryllus alapa Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus alatus Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1895 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus alternatus Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus aphrastos Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus awili Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus elongatus Perkins, 1899 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus epimeces Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus flavidus Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus giganteus Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus hana Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus haupu Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus hea Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus hypomacron Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus inexspectatus Perkins, 1899 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus kahea Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus kahili Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus kipahulu Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus kohala Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus kukui Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus makai Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus makakapua Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus mauka Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus oahuensis Perkins, 1899 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus olympus Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus opua Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus parakahili Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus parakukui Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus pararobustus Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus pihea Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus puna Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus robustus Perkins, 1899 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus spadix Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus stridulans (Perkins, 1899 (Hawaii))
Prognathogryllus victoriae Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus waikemoi Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Prognathogryllus weli Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)

Thaumatogryllus cavicola Gurney & Rentz, 1978 (Hawaii)
Thaumatogryllus conanti Otte, 1994 (Hawaii) (Hawaii)
Thaumatogryllus mauiensis Otte, 1994 (Hawaii) (Hawaii)
Thaumatogryllus variegatus Perkins, 1899 (Hawaii)

Leptogryllus apicalis Perkins, 1910 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus deceptor Perkins, 1910 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus elongatus Perkins, 1899 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus forficularis (Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1895) (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus fusconotatus Perkins, 1899 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus hanaula Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus haupu Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus kaala Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus kainalu Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus kauaiensis Perkins, 1899 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus kawela Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus kipahulu Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
 Leptogryllus kohala Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus lanaiensis Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus luteus Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus mauiensis Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus mauumae Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus molokai Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus montgomeri Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus nigrolineatus (Perkins, 1899 (Hawaii))
Leptogryllus nigromaculatus Perkins, 1899 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus oahuensis Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus ookala Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus perkinsi Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus poamoho Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus similis Perkins, 1899 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus simillimus Perkins, 1899 (Hawaii)
Leptogryllus waikemoi Otte, 1994 (Hawaii)